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Being Prepared for a Possible Eruption

Though Mt. Fuji is known for its clean, pure water and amazing scenery, it is also an active volcano with a high possibility of eruption in the future. This “Volcano Evacuation Map” was created based on the results of detailed investigations by The Mt. Fuji Hazard Committee and Yamanashi prefecture, and contains updated information about disaster prevention and evacuation procedures. Its purpose is to inform residents of the Northern Region of Mt. Fuji about emergency procedures necessary to protect human lives in the case of a volcanic eruption.


It is important for your own personal security and safety to be prepared in the case of an emergency.

Let's be Prepered!

This map was made by imagining the emergency situations and dangers involved in a volcanic eruption.
Emergency evacuation procedures may differ depending on your residence, place of employment, school, etc.
It is a good idea to discuss evacuation procedures in advance with family, friends,