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The most recent edition of an informational English pamphlet created and distributed by the Mount Fuji Division at city hall

The climbing season edition of our bimonthly English publication the "Reiho Fuji" created and distributed by the International Affairs Desk


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Climbing Mount Fuji

Information provided here pertains only to the Yoshida Trail, the single trail ascending from Yamanashi Prefecture.

The iconic ascent of Mount Fuji via the Yoshida Trail has inspired climbers for well over a thousand years. Although the meaning and methods of the climb have changed since its beginning as a religious pilgrimage, Mount Fuji remains one of the most popular peaks in the world and is ascended by thousands of climbers of all levels from around the globe today.

Since its inscription as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in June 2013, Mount Fuji has attracted more climbers than ever. It is our hope at the International Affairs Desk to promote well-informed, safe climbing by providing thorough and reliable English information for the growing number of climbers from the international community.

Summit Weather Conditions


The weather conditions on Mount Fuji may shift rapidly and without warning. It is important to be prepared with the appropriate gear.

Climbing Gallery

Photos by Yumi Matson, current Coordinator for International Relations at Fujiyoshida City Hall [August 2013]

ROUTE: Umagaeshi (base) to Summit | TIME: Approx. 6 hrs | WEATHER CONDITIONS: Excellent